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LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery in Burlington, NJ

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Dr. Eric Gershenbaum: Our Partner for Ophthalmological Services

Dr.’s Eyecare Center has partnered with Dr. Eric Gershenbaum in order to provide cutting-edge eye surgery in-house. The surgical services we provide include:

  • advanced cataract surgery
  • laser glaucoma surgery
  • laser cataract surgery
  • LASIK surgery

OD’s and MD’s: Providing Seamless and Fully Integrated Eye Care

Our eye doctors are optometrists ― OD’s who are specifically trained to assess your eye health, prevent ocular diseases, and treat eye injuries or eye conditions which arise. Our Burlington optometrists provide your comprehensive eye care. If an issue arises which requires surgery, or could benefit from surgical intervention, it’s our eye doctors who diagnose and recommend that option and also provide the preoperative and post-operative care.

Our Burlington eye surgeon is an MD, a medical doctor specializing in ocular surgery and other surgical interventions to treat various eye conditions. By partnering together, our eye clinic is able to provide you with a seamless and fully integrative approach so that you can receive exceptional care at every stage of the surgical process.

Cataract Surgery

Today, cataract surgery is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure to remove the cloudy lens (the cataract). Using a very small incision, the cloudy and hardened membrane is broken up using sound waves. A new clear intraocular lens is then placed in the eye in a polished membrane. Only a local anesthetic is required, with no sutures and a relatively fast recovery time.

So if you are looking for cataract surgery in Burlington, book an appointment online or give us a call.

Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is the leading cause of vision loss and involves damage to optic nerve, usually caused by or corresponding with high ocular pressure. Closed-angle glaucoma (the more common version of the condition) is caused by a failure of the eyes to properly drain fluid, usually due to a blockage of some kind.

We offer advanced surgery for this type of glaucoma in Burlington. Usually, there are two surgical options: an ocular stent and laser peripheral iridotomy.  In the first option, a small stent, or surgical bypass, is placed into the eye in order to facilitate better drainage. This specific glaucoma surgery is often performed in conjunction with surgery for cataracts.

Laser peripheral iridotomy uses a highly-sensitive and accurate laser to make a small opening by which the fluid can drain.

Have more questions? Want to know if eye surgery is the right choice for you? Explore your options with our comprehensive eye health team at Dr.s Eye Care Center.


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