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Patient FAQs

Our Eye Doctors answer your eyecare questions:

Q. Are disposable contact lenses good for my eyes?

A. Yes, disposable contact lenses are great for your eyes. The first thing is you don’t have to use any solution and second thing is you’re going to get a brand new lens, a fresh clean lens on a daily basis and you get to dispose it on a daily basis. So, it is much healthier, you’re not going to have any allergies to the solution, you’re going to put your eyes in less risk of infections and overall your general healthier eyes can be much better.

Q. Why should I take a photo of my retina during my eye exam?

A. Taking a picture of your eye for yourself and the eye doctor is a really good choice because we’re really getting a very still frame shot of your eye so we get to see much more of your eye. It’s very difficulty when we’re dilating you or putting drops in to actually see all the retina, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to still be dilated but to take a picture, we are able to utilize that picture as a reference for the future so it’s a very good idea to get a very good base line of what the back of your eye looks like and then compare for future health.

Q. I have trouble driving at night. What can I do to improve my night vision?

A. They’re many things that can cause problems with night time driving. Glare’s are a big issue that we hear about everyday. Updating your glass prescription is one of the biggest things that you can do to improve your night time vision. There’s a special coating that you can get on new glasses called Anti-reflecting coating, sometimes called Anti-glare coating that can help reduce glare from on coming headlights, increase vision with night time driving and improve vision with rainy days. So, separate from needing glasses sometimes eye disease can cause issues with night time driving. Dry eye disease and cataracts are two of the more common problems both which have special treatments that can improve your night time vision.

Q. Why do I need to scan my retinas/back of the eye?

A. The retina shows us a lot about the overall ocular health as well as systemic conditions that can effect the eyes. Often diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol can be observed from a retinal scan. Also, retinal scans allow us to diagnose and treat macular degeneration and glaucoma. Scans are often very important for a complete eye check up.