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Heru: Virtual Eye Exams

See the Future of Eye Care With HERU

HERU is a state-of-the-art technology that enables virtual eye exams using an augmented reality device. The wearable device aims to enhance the patient’s experience while using fewer resources.
Visit the Dr.’s Eyecare Center in Burlington to discover the future of eye care with HERU.

What is HERU?

HERU (Health Enhancement through Remote Universal Access) is designed to improve access to eye care. It works by using advanced imaging technology and machine learning algorithms to perform a comprehensive eye exam, enabling early detection and treatment of eye conditions and diseases.

HERU enables patients to take a virtual eye exam using a lightweight headset. It provides a friendly and interactive experience, with a guide to help them through the exam process. Learn more about the HERU experience by watching this video.


Detecting and Monitoring Eye Conditions and Diseases with HERU

HERU offers screening and diagnostic functionality by providing nine different vision exams, including dark adaptation and contrast sensitivity tests. These tests can help eye doctors detect diseases, like AMD (age-related macular degeneration), and monitor their progression.

Exam results are automatically sent to the HERU portal for future monitoring and treatment. This innovative platform replaces several diagnostic devices and exceeds traditional standards of eye care.

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Experience HERU in Burlington

At Dr.’s Eyecare Center, we use HERU to provide patients with advanced virtual eye exams, delivering better care with greater convenience and accessibility. Don’t wait – schedule an appointment and experience the future of eye care firsthand!